Create a rewarding and lucrative career empowering parents and kids with...

The Gentle Potty Coaching Certification
The Intuitive Toilet Learning Method

The ONLY 100% gentle, shame-free, realistic, and inclusive Potty Coaching Certification
that takes the whole child into account….

...While giving you all the tools you need to create a thriving business!

Become A Certified Potty Coach and Empower Children and Parents
with Effective, Gentle, and Inclusive Potty Learning Strategies.

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Whether you're already working with families that serve early childhood and you're looking to add an offering that is an immediate "Yes!" to your services…

Or you feel passionate about making a difference in the lives of families every day…

The Gentle Potty Coaching Certification offers you the freedom to create a meaningful and lucrative business (or add to your existing child-focused business) on your own terms, in a new and needed way!

Get ready to blaze a trail as a leader in this emerging industry, and be a rock for families as they navigate this new and overwhelming child development milestone…

All while creating YOUR dream of breaking out of the 9-5 and starting down the path of owning your own business!

Becoming a Potty Coach is perfect for you if…

  • You're ready to make a tangible difference and feel passionate about starting a new career supporting children and families in a meaningful, respectful way

  • You want to add a complimentary service to your family and/or child-oriented business to make a bigger impact on the families you serve

  • You feel strongly that children should be treated compassionately, and their developmental stages and individual needs should take precedence over outdated philosophies and anecdotal methodology

  • You're eager to step into a career path that puts you back in the driver's seat of your calendar, bolsters your bank account, and opens up new doors

… But when you hear "potty training" you hesitate because there are so many methods and you don't want to steer families wrong!

Diapers aren't one-size-fits-all-- And neither is potty learning!

No two children are alike… which means that NONE of the available methods for
potty training are able to adapt to ALL varied struggles parents face.

The thing is, so many loving parents would rather have a compassionate solution that works…
Instead of bribing and shaming their children in an endless power struggle, feeling guilty that their child is still in diapers!

In fact, I created the Gentle Potty Certification because I was inundated with requests by parents who wanted something that aligned with their gentle/respectful parenting style!

Maybe you're thinking, "Me?! A POTTY coach?!"

I totally get it. When clients would ask me to help them with potty training, the first thought that came to mind
was-- I did NOT want to be Kim The Potty Lady.

I was already Kim The Sleep Lady… and I was happy doing work I loved!

But I didn't realize how needed and necessary this life-line of support was for parents and educators…

And once I decided to step up, I immediately understood how important it was to support parents through respectful toilet learning…

Because there is so much misinformation and so little knowledge available!

Which makes this the perfect opportunity for YOU
to make a real difference in the lives of children
and families every. single. day.

Imagine being the potty training rock exhausted parents need by offering….

  • Culturally competent, inclusive advice and strategies for potty learning

  • A stress-free way to work with their child's personality to improve the potty learning process

  • Insight into child development and how it relates to their child's process of potty training

  • Realistic solutions to common potty training troubles that don't involve sticker charts, bribes, and power struggles!

All with a support system of experts to help you navigate your new area of expertise, and the step-by-step process you need to make your business a success!

Say hello to...


The Gentle Potty Coaching Certification
The Intuitive Toilet Learning Method

Become a certified intuitive potty coach in as little as 4-weeks and begin helping parents and children navigate autonomous, respectful, and inclusive potty learning right away.

The Gentle Potty Coaching Certification is the ONLY certificate program that uses exclusively science-backed, respectful methods to bolster intrinsic motivation through potty learning.

With 6 comprehensive self-paced video modules, combined with LIVE Q+A, Coaching Calls, and access to our thriving Facebook community, you will receive next-level support and resources to quickly become a Gentle Potty Training expert!

Get ready to make a difference by offering real-time support to parents and become the calm to their overwhelm!



By blending the best methods from each of the 3 potty philosophies (authoritarian, gentle, and elimination communication) and in collaboration with renowned child development experts ...

We created our own gentle potty coaching approach that is stress-free, non-punitive, shame-free, culturally competent, and gender-inclusive.

The Only Gentle Potty Method that Works WITH Any Personality…

Parent and child temperament is an integral part of simplifying the potty training experience for the whole family.

Intuitive Potty Learning…

Intuitive potty learning brings the child's development, personality, and individual needs and abilities to the forefront to facilitate learning this new life skill.

The First Culturally Competent Training...

Our methods adapt to cultural considerations to serve a global parent community.

Understanding cultural potty training differences plays a pivotal role in a family's success!

Science-Backed Strategy…

Our comprehensive training provides science-backed information to avoid common potty training missteps that are often overlooked... and potentially harmful!

Inclusive Training…

Our world-renowned faculty offers expert solutions for a diverse audience.

We cover topics like sensory processing differences, gender inclusivity, physiological differences, and more.

Mentorship & Support…

You get real-time support with business skills, marketing know-how, and every detail you need to create a thriving coaching practice… Get ready to fill this much-needed industry gap immediately after you become certified!


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This partnership was built with Gentle Potty Coaches in mind!
Our goal is for you to have a stream of new clients from this partnership.

By centering the toilet learning process around the
whole child, it removes any trace of coercion, bribery,
and shame
- which actually hinder development - and
builds a foundation of lasting, healthy self-esteem!

Alexis Granelli

"This is the only program that teaches you how to properly and gently coach parents about toilet learning without using any shame or blame techniques and being gender-inclusive. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to start a new career or simply keep extending their already existing services."

~ Alexis Granelli, Dolce Dreamers

Meet Your Instructors

Kim West, LCSW-C

Kim is a mother of two daughters and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (which is a child and family therapist) for 30 years. Known as The Sleep Lady® by her clients over the past twenty-eight years, she has personally helped over 20,000 tired parents all over the world get a good night's sleep without letting their children cry it out alone.

Dedicated to providing tired parents with excellent sleep advice and coaching Kim knew she could not help everyone herself… She started the Gentle Sleep Coach® Training and Certification program in 2010--the first and most comprehensive training program in the world!

This program was the spark of a global industry- Baby and Child Sleep Consultants. To date, the Gentle Sleep Coach Training and Certification program is available in 2 languages.

She is the author of four books: "The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy", "The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook," "The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook for Children with Special Needs" and her newest book "The Sleep Lady's Gentle Newborn Sleep Guide".

Her first book "The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight" is in its third edition and has sold over 150,000 paperback copies and is available in 4 languages.

She was met with many sleep coaches asking her to train them to become potty coaches due to all the requests they received! Several of them took another training, yet still felt ill-prepared to serve families! She decided to take matters into her own hands…

And The Gentle Potty Certification was born!

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach + Gentle Potty Coach

Alexis is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach and holds a degree in International Communications and Business from The American University of Paris.

When her daughter turned two and a half, she woke up one morning and decided that she was "ready" to be potty trained in 2 days (just like the books said), and it was a complete disaster.

She took a certification course with one of the other available methods, but found it was still such a struggle with her daughter… and what was supposed to be a stress-free milestone became a power struggle!

Once again, she turned to Kim West and found the supportive gentle help that we needed as a family.

Now she feels it is her honor and privilege to share her experiences and training with families to help them find a gentle way to navigate these wonderful milestones as parents inclusively and respectfully.

Meet the Gentle Potty Coaching Certification Expert Faculty:

Lindsey Beal

Lindsey Biel, MA OTR/L

Lindsey is teaching about Sensory Processing and Potty Coaching.

She's also the author of "Raising a Sensory Smart Child" and "Sensory Processing Challenges".


Howard Bennett, MD

Dr. Bennett is a pediatrician with 35 years of clinical experience.

He is also the author of 7 books including, "My Fantastic Body" and "Waking Up Dry."


Lewis Kass, MD

Dr. Kass is an expert on obstructive sleep apnea and its effect on nighttime sleep physiology.

He is a Board Certified Pediatric Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist.

Kathryn Kvols

Kathryn Kvols, Author & Educator

Kathryn is a master of breaking the cycle of family trauma.

She is the author and creator of the book and parenting course "Redirecting Children's Behavior."

Her researched-based strategies have empowered thousands to redirect their kid's misbehaviors into positive outcomes without nagging, yelling, or taking away privileges.

Our Faculty Members Have Been Featured In:

Here's What's Included in the Gentle Potty Coaching Certification

With researched-based information on ages and stages, developmental readiness, positive parenting
methods, and ongoing mentorship and community support, you will learn to work WITH the unique
family in front of you to increase their potty training success.

Inside The Gentle Potty Coaching Certification, you'll get…

  • 6 self-paced, comprehensive video modules from world-renowned child experts who have trained 100's of coaches and helped 1,000's of families.

  • All of the business training you need to start growing your own successful potty coaching business and start earning right away.

  • You also receive LIVE coaching from Kim West and Alexis Granelli, both founders of successful child-focused businesses, to go in-depth about all of the concepts you're learning.

  • Official certification as a gentle potty coach, with our beautiful seal to display as a symbol of your expertise!


  • You'll have access to our Facebook community for one year… So no matter what challenges you face, you can rest assured that we have your back!

That means not only do you have all of the information you need to build a lucrative business helping families…

You also will have expert guidance, and real-time community support to troubleshoot anything that comes your way for almost an entire year!

Your Investment:

One Time Payment:

$2,995 $1,995

Two Payments of:


Sign up ASAP to reserve your spot!

Alexis Granelli

"This is the only program that teaches you how to properly and gently coach parents about toilet learning without using any shame or blame techniques and being gender-inclusive. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to start a new career or simply keep extending their already existing services."

~ Alexis Granelli, Dolce Dreamers

Take a peek inside the curriculum:

  • Basic Methodology in Modern Potty Learning Philosophies and Child Development
  • In-Depth, Inclusive Toilet Training Techniques
  • How To Identify and Troubleshoot Common Toilet Training Problems
  • The Real Reason Behind Toilet Training Problems
  • Parent Coaching Skills
  • Tools to Navigate Power Struggles
  • The Child Characteristics Checklist
  • Determining Parent and Child Readiness
  • An Overview of Intuitive Toilet Learning
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Its Effect on Potty Learning
  • Sensory Strategies for Potty Training with Lindsey Biel, OTR/L
  • Constipation, Bedwetting and Potty Training with Howard Bennett, MD


  • How to Market Your Gentle Potty Coaching Services
  • Everything You Need to Know About Intake Forms
  • How to Organize and Lead a Workshop like a Pro
  • Sales Basics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Potty Product Promotion

And even more!

The Gentle Potty Coaching Certification gives you the complete package…

Not only do you get the unique skills to help make a difference, but you also get the
mentorship and business savvy to put it into action with real families from day 1.

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Get Started Today!

  • Click the "YES, I want to be a Potty Coach" link above…

  • Enter your details on the next page and submit your payment to reserve your spot

  • Check your email for your login credentials and all of the details you need to make this a success.

  • Complete your certification in as little as 4 weeks, and feel confident and ready to begin helping families foster toilet learning immediately!

If you want to be the drill sergeant at potty boot camp, this isn't the certification for you…

We created the Gentle Potty Certification Program as an alternative to the mainstream methods that can be downright harmful to children physiologically and psychologically (later, we'll show you WHY...)

If you are the kind of person who believes that kids need "tough love" to learn a physiological skill, or you're not interested in meeting all children where they are on their journey in life, this isn't the program for you… sticker chart not included!

But if you're reading this and nodding, "YES!"...

Then it's a clear sign that you will be an excellent Potty Coach and change the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of families for the better!

Between you and I, there aren't many potty coaches in the world…

So that means the demand for this skillset is at an all-time high.

Parents were always asking me for help with inclusive, gentle, and effective potty training support-- so much so I decided to come up with the solution to provide resources and guidance for the families that need it.

Exhausted and overwhelmed parents, and their
frustrated and confused children deserve respectful,
inclusive, and science-backed advice to guide them!

My sleep coaches receive the very best training possible, and most have continued on to become successful business owners making an impact on the world, one family at a time.

When I created The Gentle Potty Coaching Certification, it was my mission to continue that momentum and provide you with comprehensive training that offers everything you need.

I'm confident that in as little as 6 weeks you will be on your way to help families navigate this crucial moment of child development!

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Next Class starts June 7th!
Last Day to Enroll is May 23rd


The Gentle Potty Certification can be completed in as little as 4 weeks, however, you have {one year} to complete the course materials and be eligible for certification.

Just as our potty training methods are comprehensive, so is our training! We have included the fundamentals for growing a successful coaching business along with our mentorship resources and Facebook group access for one year to ensure your business is a success… However, it is up to you to take action!

The Gentle Potty Coaching Certification isn't the most expensive, nor is it the least expensive, but we are confident it's the most comprehensive.

We left no stone unturned when creating our certification course because we want you to step into your new coaching practice with confidence and support.

Our graduate, Alexis, was able to make an immediate return on her investment after hosting only two masterclasses!

Every single coach has had a moment of doubt… There aren't any certification programs that can teach every possible family dynamic and combination, so we have included a one-year membership to our Facebook group to provide you with access to expert guidance when you need it most!

We are the Potty Pioneers…

… And now is the time to put your stake in the ground and step into an underdeveloped industry as a leader in the gentle toilet learning movement.

It's my mission to offer an alternative to the frustrating, overwhelming, and often harmful potty training techniques that have become our mainstream culture….

One that includes a clear picture of a child's individual developmental abilities, personality, constipation and withholding, sensory sensitivities, gender identities, and so much more…

And to do it in a way that empowers families and kids so no one feels "behind" or like they're getting it all wrong!

But I can't do it alone.

I'm here to help -- all you have to do is take this step to help yourself because I can't take that step for you.)


Alexis Granelli

Dolce Dreamers

"I absolutely loved the Intuitive Toilet Learning Course. It is unlike any other potty training course out there because it gives you a realistic and completely inclusive way of guiding parents through the process of toilet learning.

Not only was I able to fill up four potty workshops immediately, but I also got several new sleep clients in addition to potty clients!

This course paid for itself right away!"
-Alexis Granelli, Dolce Dreamers

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